Two Roads Theater
4348 Tujunga Avenue / Studio City, CA 91604
Two Roads Theater
* 58 plush theatre seats
* New Central AC/Heat System.
* Elevated Stage Dimensions: 18' wide x 18' deep x 12' high.
* All new light, sound and video systems
* Programmable, 12-channel, LepreCon light board.
* 6-channel stereo, 5-speaker Klipsch surround sound,
* CD/DVD player, Video & Computer hook- ups.
* New and upgraded electrical throughout.
* Over 20 lighting instruments – Par Cans, Fresnells, Leko spots.
* Video Projection System w/ wide 120-inch movie screen.
* 4-channel mini-mixing sound board with 4 inputs.
* Comfortable air-conditioned dedicated light booth.
* 12-foot Lighted Marquee.
* Storefront lobby for audience holding and concessions.
* Backstage area.
* Dressing Room/Storage Trailer with mirrors and lights.
* Private Bathroom for Cast & Crew.
* Polished, concrete floors.
* Parking behind the theatre plus plentiful safe neighborhood parking.

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